Nottinghamians RFC - Nottinghamians 22 - 12 Meden Vale

Nottinghamians 22 - 12 Meden Vale

Please note this report is by prop forward (should be a 12) who spent most of the game scrummaging and therefore large parts of this may be made up or have a bias touch.

The game started well for Hamians, as they retrieved the kick off and the pack started working furiously in clearing rucks and their close carrying game making yards at will. Quickly they gained territory and a cheeky kick over the top, a fumble by the vale 15 over the line and a touch down by a Hamians player for the try. Cue the 1st controversy. Word on the streets of Nottingham that a young fresh faced 15 for Hamian scored. In reality an equally fresh faced Nixon dotted the ball down. I understand how its hard to get confused between the 2. Both play in the backs. One is good looking, the other wears a scrum cap! Revell missed the conversion.


Spirits were high and Hamians began to go through the motions. Great forward carrying by the usual suspects of Big T, bouncing defenders for fun, Rooth sitting down the 1st tackler every time and Jarman relentlessly crashing over the gainline time after time giving the backs plenty of space. However little mistakes kept handing the ball back to vale with their 9/10/2 (or maybe he was just too fat for the 10shirt) kicking Hamians back into their own half consistently. From an exit play Hamians kicked the ball down field and the vale 15 just ran straight through the middle to score under the posts, Hamians players waving him through and not laying a hand on him. The Vale kicker slotting it easily


Some stern words from captain RAM and the team rallied together. From kick off Hamians were forcing vale backwards and as Vale kicked to clear their lines, Revell caught, beat several defenders charged for the line. Brought down early he offloaded to Harry screaming through. Now if Harry was faster this paragraph would be shorter. But instead he was pulled down, the vale 9 lying all over him killing the ball. Promptly sent to the bin, Hamians lined up for the quick tap, Big T taking centre stage. As Vale lined him up, the ball went to our bigger crash ball unit Revell who danced past 2 to score from 5 out. I'm guessing Pat missed this one. He's shit at kicking


From the resulting kick off Hamians again worked downfield again. Great scrummaging setting the platform, Harry and Wilko combining well to force Vale backwards. From a ruck outside the vale 22, Big T picked up the ball, crushed an offside vale defender and jogged under the posts. Pat missed this one. In his defence if the posts were straight he may have made it


Strong words at the half that Hamians needed to put the game to bed and score 1st. Hamians didn't!! Several silly penalties pushed Hamians back and from one penalty the vale boot kicked cross field catching hamians napping, Vale scoring in the corner.

A regroup under the posts and with renewed vigour hamians set out to make amends. However Hamians continued to make the second half hard for themselves. Despite some huge carries from the forwards and brilliant work from the backs, silly mistakes kept costing hamians field position. The vale boot constantly driving Hamians back. Yet from one deep kick Revell caught, beat a man set off up the sideline like he does, giving a great offload to better Pat and Hamians were 10 out from the vale line. Revel picks up from the ensuing ruck and a screaming prop beckons for the ball in midfield. From memory this was a great score. In reality Pats passed died in midair and a knock on was called. Terrible decision ref!!

The half ebbed and flowed from here neither team taking full control. That was until again great field position created by the backs allowed Matt Rooth to come onto the ball at pace and then carry 5 vale defenders all the way to the try line. I think Pat made this one. Who cares what backs do.


With that I bring this report to a close. I'm sure many other things happened. I don't remember as I was pretty hungry by this stage and it started to cloud my memory/judgement. As Captain Page relayed to the boys after the match, anyone could have gotten man of the match this day as it was a great shift by all, but as only one man can get the award, he gave it to a dominate scrummaging, defensive and carrying performance of big Olly Clayton.